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  • Item#: SBT199335
  • Unit: 28packs
  • RRP : HK$198.00
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Product description

Colostrum is the first milk producrd by cows during the initial two days after giving brith, which provides baby cows with immune factors, growth factors, vitamins, calcium, minerals and amino acid, etc. It is especially rich in Immunoglobulin-G(IgG)which have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and can let baby cows to increase their immunity quickly and resist  bacteria and virus, so that they can grow up healthy. The compostions of Immune factors and growth factors contained in colostrum are very similar to human and can be absorbed easily. It can have the effects of preventing diseases, enhancing constitution and helping  recover from disease quickly. Colostrum Beverage is taste good and easily to use. It is a Natural-beverage suitable for all age.

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