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Product description

Amilok Beauty18TM
"Amilok Beauty18" is a health supplement which is manufactured under GMP standard. With patent technologies from Britain, German and United States, we successfully discover MNCS Factor® for skin moisture, whitening, rejuvenation and collagen synthesis in just one single tablet.

4 in 1 Function
Natural Moisturizing Factor, NMF
Contain important elements of NMF, a key nutrient in attracting and retaining water for moist and pliable skin

Melanin Restraining Factor, MRF
Suppress synthesis of eumelanin and enhance phaeomelanin, essential for skin whitening

Collagen-polypeptide Activating Factor, CAF
Contains main component of collagen and elastin, support stratum corneum, smooth skin and retain skin elasticity

Skin Peeling Factor, SPF
Metabolize skin, retain skin rejuvenating cycle

3 patent technologies

  • Enteric coating technology (Britain): protect against stomach acid, allow ingredient absorbs directly in guts
  • Time release technology (Germany): ensure 6 hours continuous release in guts
  • Chelation technology (United States): increase body absorption of calcium

2 Reliabilities

  • Products of the same series achieve 1.2 billions tablet sales in Asia Pacific (long enough to circle the earth 2 times)
  • Liability assurance: HK$40 millions insured value in Bank of China Group Insurance Co. Ltd.

“Amilok Beauty18” Professional, Safe, Reliable

  • Manufactured under GMP standard
  • Has passed the highest standard of safety in heavy metal, microbial and pesticides
  • Contain no transfat
  • Contain no preservative
  • Non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Suitable for vegetarian
  • Double aluminum foils in each individual pack, clean and convenient

Method of consumption

  • 2 times daily, 3 tablets each

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